Bees Solutions

Bees are biologically important and valuable resource not just for collecting honey and pollen, but also for pollination of perennials and annual crops in agriculture.

Their ecological role is expressed in the fact that by collected bee pollen today can be established the percent of environmental pollutions in different regions of the world.

The bee products are not used just for food. They are also used for treatment of a wide range of health problems. The reduction or disappearance of bees would mean collapse of the natural ecosystem. This would cause problems not only in the plant species, but also to the people and animals who depends of them.

Our company take care for more correct and environmentally raising of bees and processing of bee products in clean environment. We offer to beekeepers and manufacturers of beekeeping equipment stainless grids with excellent quality, competitive prices and available in stock.
The stainless grids extend the life of beehives and fulfill the European environmental standards for the materials in contact with the bees, bee pollen and honey through the whole production line from processing to the marketing.

The stainless grids we offer are used for:
• Bottoms of beehives
• Drawers of beehives
• Sieves for bee pollen
• Dryers for bee pollen
• Strainers for straining honey
• Sieves for unsealing honey
• Centrifuges for honey, etc.


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